CatsCradle 3.8

CatsCradle 3.8: Web page editor for professional language translators Translate web sites without worrying about the HTML code. CatsCradle is written for professional freelance language translators and translation agencies - a dedicated web page editor that makes it very easy to translate web pages from one language into another. CatsCradle grabs all the text that requires translating from a web page, puts it into a built in editor for you to translate alongside, then automatically integrates your translated text back

PageTranslator 1.0: Translate Your Web Site Instantly! Comes with 100% Master ReSell Rights
PageTranslator 1.0

translate any web page from one language to another. However, for most, it is a bit difficult to integrate into your existing site. PAGE TRANSLATOR does all the work for you! All you have to do is enter the URL that you wish to translate, tell what language it is in, and what language you want it translated to. PAGE TRANSLATOR will then automatically create the web page for you! Not just the script, but will actually create all the html needed. Just

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ShaPlus Google Translator 2.0: Instantly translate text in any application using Google Translate
ShaPlus Google Translator 2.0

translate text in any application using Google Translate. Translation is displayed in a pop-up window, so no need to leave the current application. Supports 41 world languages. Can also be integrated into context menu of Interner Explorer. Parts of translated text can be be further translated within ShaPlus Google Translator itself. Supported languages : Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian

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Translate your website into 11 languages 6.1: Translate Plus : translate your website with no effort!
Translate your website into 11 languages 6.1

Translate Plus is the ultimate script which translates your website into many languages, allowing you to bring international visitors to your website.

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Multilizer PDF Translator Demo 7.2.7

Multilizer software translates PDF documents. Complete solution, no other software packages needed to work (e.g.Adobe). Translated documents can be saved to following formats: PDF, JPEG, RTF, HTML, EXCEL and TIFF. Over 50 languages supported: Only languages that Google & Microsoft Machine Translator services support. Does not support editing images embedded in PDF files. Cannot translate texts saved as image (e.g. scanned files).

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LSACreator 2.0.4842.2395: Translate .NET applications and maintain clean multi-language projects.
LSACreator 2.0.4842.2395

LSACreator is a simple, powerful tool, used to translate .NET applications and maintain clean multi-language projects. Solution is based on localized satellite assemblies which is consider as best practice to make a professional multi-language application. To create translation LSACreator requires only compiled program (.dll/.exe files). Google Translate and Dictionary Translate support.

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Chat Translator for TradeManager Instantly translate TradeManager text messages to Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.
Chat Translator for TradeManager

translate conversations in different languages, translate and sends messages in any foreign language and translate replies from one language into your own language. Key Features: 1. Convert TradeManager messages into more than 20 languages such as English, Chinses, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French and Dutch when chatting. 2. Send message with real-time translation. 3. Translates replies from one language into your own language. 4. You can conduct

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